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It’s not every day a company decides to refresh their brand. But, with the launch of a new website and online shop it seemed like an appropriate time. Let’s not forget that I’ve also been stuck in quarantine for two months and have had nothing better to do than look at my old logo & branding wondering “How can I make this better?” and “How can I slightly pivot my brand so it emulates my bright & creative side alongside my clean & sophisticated side?”  

What started off as a business card design company focused on sophisticated and elegant designs slowly blossomed. And, after a few months, I added greeting cards to my Etsy shop – these allowed me to show off my whimsical & punny side. After two years in business I purchased a Glowforge and started creating party goods out of acrylic – and that’s when my shop offerings truly began to expand and stray from the original inspiration of my brand.


The inspiration behind Kulgrå’s name comes from the Norwegian translation for cool gray, “kul grå”. Thoughtful and contemplative, gray is the color of intellect. We refer to the gray matter of the brain and mind, thereby associating gray with representing a striving for truth, knowledge and wisdom. Serious, thoughtful, chic and elegant, gray signifies subtle sophistication. The color is often linked to timelessness and dependability, while also being glamorous and practical at the same time.

Serious, thoughtful, chic and elegant, gray signifies subtle sophistication.

This description of the color cool gray is representative of the way Kulgrå should be presented to clients and customers. We strive to develop thoughtful relationships and to be thought-leaders in the marketing and design industry.


When re-evaluating my brand, I didn’t want to stray too far away from the original inspiration but wanted to ensure I was showing off my more bright and wild side. Kulgrå’s new brand will still nod to the original inspiration by being sophisticated while the new attributes of our brand, bright and clean, will be a nod to the fun and punny side that created the “It’s Kind of a Big Dill” cards.




The new color palette incorporates the original cool gray, which signifies intellect, sophistication and timelessness. The gray is now paired with a range of cool- and warm-toned bright colors. The bright colors signify youth, creativity, cheerfulness, dependability, and being dynamic in nature.


Over the next few months you’ll see changes on Kulgra’s social media outlets, product listings, and the greeting card branding. You’ll also be hearing a lot more from me via blog posts like these. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes information on how I create my products, or ideas for bespoke party decor, I’m hoping you all enjoy it!

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